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August 19, 2019

Design Team Call!

Heffy Doodle is looking for design team members for October 2019 – March 2020 – Design team call.

Well hey there, Heffy Doodlers!

Heffy Doodle is excited to announce that we are on the hunt for a group of fun, talented and energetic designers who can take quality photos, share their awesome projects on social media and really be part of the team as we grow Heffy Doodle. If you think you would fit the bill, be sure to check out all the details below. We have a number of different positions available so perhaps you will find the perfect role for you!

No matter which role appeals to you, we have some key requirements for being part of the Heffy Doodle team.

Does this sound like you?

  • Love stamping and making fun, creative projects to share.
  • Take quality photographs of your projects with excellent lighting. Creative staging is encouraged.
  • Have an active Instagram account. If you have a YouTube account and/or blog that is a bonus.
  • Use Facebook to interact with the team in a private Facebook group.
  • Eager to help grow the Heffy Doodle brand. We would like our team to be encouraging to customers, present their ideas, share advice, give feedback and support each other.
  • Create quality projects using Heffy Doodle products. As we want to encourage growth within the industry, you will not be restricted to solely Heffy Doodle products when making your projects, however, we ask that Heffy Doodle is the focus of our projects.
  • Share your Heffy Doodle creations (your Heffy Doodle projects, sneak peeks of work in progress etc) on social media, in particular, Instagram.

Please note:
– International applicants are welcome to apply.
– You do not need previous Design Team experience in order to apply.
– You may be on other teams as long as you keep up with your Heffy Doodle Design Team commitment. Please check any current contracts prior to applying.

Design Team requirements

We have a number of roles available, each with different requirements. Please read them all carefully before submitting your application. You can, of course, apply for multiple roles.

Video Design Team Role

  • Once per month, create an educational video tutorial for the Heffy Doodle YouTube channel.
    –  All videos must be in a high quality format, with excellent lighting and audio.
    –  Add Heffy Doodle intro footage and end screen footage to your video (footage will be provided).
    – Add high quality photographs of your final project to the video.
    – Top down footage is ideal, however some face on footage is also encouraged (not required).
    – Videos should take an educational focus. Guidance will be given to help assign educational topics.
    – Footage of the same project(s) can be used to create a video for your own YouTube channel however the video must be somewhat different to avoid YouTube duplication rules e.g. has different intro footage etc.
    – Videos should be 5-13 minutes in duration.
    – Tags, links and text should be added to the YouTube text box.
  • Write an accompanying blog post for the Heffy Doodle blog where you embed the video.
  • Your blog post must always link products to the Heffy Doodle store. You may also link to approved retail partners using your own affiliate links if you wish.
  • You may also share your creations on your own blog too. Your own affiliate links can be used when writing blog posts, we encourage that a disclaimer is added to the post.
  • Share your project on Instagram (other social media channels optional). Your project will be also shared as a post on the Heffy Doodle Instagram account.
  • Ideal designers must be articulate, engaging, enthusiastic and be able to present with authority.

Blog Design Team Role

  • Twice per month, create an educational blog post for the Heffy Doodle blog.
  • Blog posts should first and foremost take an educational focus.
  • Blog posts will either be feature-based or focus on a theme. (Guidance will be given to help assign themes, however, please feel free to offer suggestions in your application, especially if you feel you would be well suited to a regular feature e.g. Tips for alcohol marker coloring, an art journaling series etc).
  • Photographs must be high quality (resized appropriately for web use), well framed with excellent lighting and no harsh shadows. Staged photography is encouraged.
  • Posts must include at least 3 photos. Step-by-step photographs are encouraged or close up imagery to demonstrate key elements of your educational piece.
  • Ideal designers must be articulate, enthusiastic and be able to write engaging content with authority. All posts must be grammatically correct and be written in a manner which proves to be educational to the reader.
  • Share your project on Instagram (other social media channels optional). Your project will be also shared as a post on the Heffy Doodle Instagram account.
  • Your blog post must always link products to the Heffy Doodle store. You may also link to approved retail partners using affiliate links if you wish.
  • You may share your creations on your own personal blog too.

Instagram Design Team Role

  • Once per week, create a Heffy Doodle project for your personal Instagram, which will be reposted on the Heffy Doodle Instagram account.
  • Photographs must be high-quality and well-framed with excellent lighting and no harsh shadows. Staged photography is encouraged
  • The accompanying text must be clear and list the key Heffy Doodle products used to create your project, as well as relevant hashtags.
  • At least once per month, your weekly project must be shared as an Instagram Story on your personal IG account which will be shared on the Heffy Doodle account as a Story.
  • Your IG Story should have at least 3 ‘story boards’. Work in progress photos, step by step photos, or partial project element photos are encouraged. Short videos of you creating your project are also most welcome.
  • The Stories must include relevant hashtags and link to products where possible.

Heffy Doodler Challenge Coordinator

As well as the above Design Team roles, we are also looking for the ideal person to take an active role in our HeffyDoodlers Facebook Group, where customers and fans share their projects. A key part of this role will be coordinating a monthly challenge for our customers. This position could be held in addition to another DT role, or as a stand-alone role.

  • Create a monthly challenge for customers. (Guidance will be given to determine suitable topics if required)
  • Create a basic graphic to help advertise the challenge topic for that month.
  • Create a sample project to help showcase the challenge in action.
  • Once a month, write a blog post for the Heffy Doodle blog. This post should announce the challenge and include the challenge graphic. It should showcase your project and provide information on prizes and how to enter. It should also announce the winner of the previous month.
  • Share the challenge on the HeffyDoodlers Facebook group and engage with those who enter the challenge.
  • In general, play an active role in the Heffy Doodlers Facebook group. Encouraging customers, adding comments to posts, engaging in conversation. 

Now you have read the roles which are available, let’s talk about what you would get in return.

What you can expect:

  • Lots of Heffy Doodle goodies.
  • A Design Team exclusive discount for the Heffy Doodle online store.
  • Having a voice in the future of the brand – perhaps you will see your ideas come to life!
  • Exposure of your work as it is featured on the Heffy Doodle blog and social media outlets.
  • Link backs to your blog or website connected to each blog post featuring your work.
  • A team that will support each other on crafty adventures.
  • Opportunities for your work to be featured in magazine editorials, printed marketing materials, displayed at exhibitions and seen in craft stores across the globe.

If you are interested in being a part of the Heffy Doodle Design Team for a six month term please follow THIS LINK and apply! 

The Deadline for applications is 9th September.  Unfortunately, we will be unable to respond to all applicants but we will consider everyone. Before applying, we do recommend that you take a look at the ‘Tips of applying to a Design Team’ blog post that Craig shared after our last DT call.  This will give you some great advice on how to catch our eyes!

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us using the ‘Get In Touch’ section of our website, and we will update this post with a list of FAQs.

Good luck!

Click here for the Design Team Application




August 19, 2019

5 Comments on “Design Team Call!

Chloe downing
August 19, 2019 at 5:44 pm

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited! I may only be 16, but I think I can hold my weight with the more “life experinced” ladies and lads! Hehe 🙂

September 18, 2019 at 8:26 am

If Simon did it, you certainly can!

Amand Stevens
August 19, 2019 at 5:58 pm


Kari Kari L Webster
August 19, 2019 at 10:11 pm

Awesome opportunity! Thank you for the chance!!

Janet Bagnall
August 19, 2019 at 10:39 pm

woo-hoo 🙂


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