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March 23, 2023

Meet Our Design Team – April 2023

Hello, crafty friends! We are DELIGHTED to announce our Design Team for April 2023! We are incredibly humbled to have such a talented group of crafters who will be posting on our blog and social media!

Please join us in welcoming the new team members and supporting our veterans! Follow our whole team on Instagram and subscribe to their blogs and channels to be alerted of new posts, videos, and projects!

Design Team Coordinator and Blog Team:
Amanda Fitterer – InstagramBlog

Blog Team:
Tallie Clewley – InstagramBlog
Zsofia Molnar – InstagramBlog
Jarle Franceus – InstagramBlog
Ashlee McGregor – InstagramBlog
Peggy Emmerink – InstagramBlog

Video Team:
Kari VanNoy – InstagramBlog YouTube
Jordanna Channings – InstagramYouTube
Natasha Davies – InstagramBlogYouTube
Stephanie Williams – InstagramBlogYouTube

Instagram Team:
Ali Holmes – InstagramBlog
Kitty Day – InstagramBlog
Anisha Skariah – InstagramBlog

Special Contributors:
Amanda Stevens – InstagramBlog
Claudia Mauri – InstagramBlog
Isha Gupta – InstagramBlog
Francesca Vignoli – InstagramBlog
Lesley Oman – Instagram
Morgan McIntosh – Instagram

We are super excited to see what these amazing crafters create in the upcoming months! Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on the blog!

March 23, 2023

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