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Angel Policy

Heffy Doodle is happy to extend an Angel Policy to customers who wish to use our products to create and sell their own home-made cards & projects.

This Angel Policy sets out the permission we give in the form of a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferrable licence for our users.

  • Cards & projects created for sale must be personally and individually made. It may not be reproduced, copied, imitated or materially altered in any form by any means including graphic, electronic, digital, mechanical or photocopying.

  • Mass production, assembly-line construction, production by workers for hire is strictly prohibited.

  • There are no quantity restrictions as part of this policy.

  • You may indicate that the supplies used are Heffy Doodle but you must not use the Heffy Doodle logo in your advertising.

  • You may not use any Heffy Doodle images for the purpose of creating company logos or trademarks.

  • You assume all liability for your handmade creations. Heffy Doodle, and its affiliates is indemnified from any disputes that may arise from the creation of your work.  

This Angel Policy is governed by the laws of England and Wales and any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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